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ACE HOOD lyrics : "Intro"

Well it's the beast from the bottom
Only holler bout a dollar
Quarter mil around the collar

H double O D the rider, huh

Realest %#@! I've ever stated

Hottest and underrated
Can't debate it, know they hate it
Now they wonder what I'm makin'

Falsifying accusations
$#&@ the rumors they created
I'm the future

(*##$ we better then the best
Ain't no settlement for less

Any ^!$$% wanna test it
And they get graded by the tech
Hop up outta that new slid'a

With a European model
"Getting' money, " that's the motto
Don't believe it? You can swallow theeeeese


From the bottom to the top

I've done been through quite a lot
Khaled tried to tell them ^!$$%s, but they wouldn't give me props

Took a minute, now I'm back up in it
Now they on the jock
If you've seen the %#@! I've seen

I guarantee it'll never stop
I'm that hell on earth
Put my great God first

Body bag any verse
I should record it in a Hearse
Ain't no ceilin' on the vert'

Stuntin' on 'em, know it hurt
Know a bunch of real ^!$$%s
But they young, and they'll learn

Just don't end up on a shirt
R.I.P my ^!$$% Zerk
Straight up outta reppin' Broward

$#&@ a hater, lay in dirt
Where my CEO at?
We the best, don't stress

Period, cotax
62 the Maybach
%#@!'s stretched, Bowflex

Haaa haters take that
This the statement
Mother $#&@ the world


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