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ACE HOOD lyrics : "I Kno"

I know you ain't never met a ^!$$% like me
And you prolly never will I put that on my OG

And I know none these other ^!$$%s seen the %#@! I seen
They don't hustle like I hustle get this %#@! by any means
And I know all them (*##$es with me do be hella bad

Hit the mall and blow a stash call it blowin money fast
I know they hate it,(i know) and they waiting for me to fall off that'll be never though

[Verse 1]
From the bottom to the top I came a long way
Used to sip on quarter juices now it's Rose

Now that marrow sittin wither than some colgate
Baby momma trippin' she do %#@! the wrong way
$#&@ it gave my lawyer 50 for the court case

What you know about making money at a fast pace
Yea I know them feds steady watching ^!$$%s
My youngns play with guns like some action figures

Bet I know how to make these money a triple flipper
Only breaking bread with the realest ^!$$%s
Wake up in the morning greet a bad (*##$

$#&@ her once and then im focused where the cash is
Lacing up my Guccis had to grab 10
I gotta stay safe bring the Mac 10

And I know they want me dead and gone
Paranoid I keep that pistol in my carry-on


[Verse 2]

They told me when you getting money boy them ^!$$%s hate
Stacking paper 23 I'm thinking real estate
Ownership of what I'm driving we don't renovate

Get money my ^!$$% stuck in real state
Call me by my government when I be at the bank
Talking figures ^!$$% half a million Ben franks

Heard them ^!$$%s kinda mad that's a (*##$ place
As long as my pistol on me I go to your (*##$ place
Think I really give a $#&@ about all you #~!!@ ^!$$%s?

Counting paper screaming $#&@ all of you #~!!@ ^!$$%s
I swear I'm balling to my last breath brand new prezie on me
Call that $#&@er sudden death

I tell my (*##$ to keep on sucking til there's nothing left
That's your girl? I just may commit a grand theft
And I know they want me dead and gone

Paranoid I keep that chopper in my carry-on


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