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ACE HOOD lyrics : "hustle hard remix"

Same old %#@!, just a different day
Out here trying to get it, each and every way
Momma need a house

Baby need some shoes
Times are getting hard
Guess what I'ma do

Hustle, hustle, hustle, hard
Hustle, hustle, hustle, hard

Hustle, hustle, hustle, hard

Closed mouths don't get fed on this boulevard

Okay, I'm booked out until August
Show money deposits

See the %#@! then I cop it
Got but a house note in my pocket
I'm on South Beach with that top off

Bad (*##$ and her $$# soft
Something out of that catalogue
She introduced to that lock jaw

And I think her name was Lisa
Or maybe it was Sheila
My Chevy sitting too high

I call that Wiz Khalifa
And I'm all about them Ben Franklins
Ain't talking Aretha

(*##$ my league too major
I'm hip-hop Derek Jeter
And I'm still feeling my pockets

Big bass and it's knocking
Yeah this be that remix
But still ride around with that rocket

^!$$% welcome back to my household
We the Best be that logo
Hundred grand for that neck glow

All about the deniero
^!$$% flow so !@$!ed
We be getting gnarley

Whoa Kimosabe, it be me, Ross, Weezy, party because it's the

24's on my Beamer
You never know when I slide up
Nineteen in my nina, red dot when I ride up

Hundred deep in that K.O.D.
King of diamonds that's me ^!$$%

No you (*##$es can't get my beat
Choppers only thing free ^!$$%
Step to me and I teach you

Somebody text his picture
Straight drop in my beaker
Ace knocking my speakers

Last night I counted one mill'
This morning one fifty
#~!!@ ^!$$%s can't count me out, don't make me hurt your feelings

V12, Jet Blue, forget it
Rolex embedded with princess and baguettes

Same old brick, but it's different yay
Yeah that's candy paint, On my seven tre

Okay now, Black Card in my pocket
Riding around in that 'Gatti

Pistol off my boxers
I ain't got time to be boxing
Got a red bone she look tropic

If she $#&@ me right, then she shopping
Young Money we popping
I eat these rappers, Anthony Hopkins

See that V-neck, that's Polo
Grilled up like Ocho
Chuck Taylors with no socks

You ^!$$%s chicken, pollo
^!$$% live on Sundays, king of diamonds Monday
Swagger just dumb, call it Kelly Bundy
Got a big house with a backyard, fish tank with sharks in it
Real ^!$$% I'm authentic

I'll $#&@ the (*##$ till she short winded
Got a bad (*##$ who be bartending
Couple homies that gang bang
I get on anybody track, and hit that (*##$ with that Wayne train
Free my ^!$$% T.I.

Soowoo to the beehive
Got a G6 and a G5
You #~!!@ ^!$$%s you feline
Don't stop the party, we be getting gnarley
Oh Kimosabe, I'm with Mack, few girls, and Marley

Beause it's the same old %#@!, just a different day
Out here trying to get it, each and every way
Momma need a house, baby need some shoes
They want that Carter IV, (*##$ it's coming soon

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