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ACE HOOD lyrics : "Halucination"

Renegade renegade

Feeling like i have been crucified
Haven't been the same since my daughter died
Paranormal flourish is my state of mind

Kind of .. last night i took some pain killers
And i have became friends with the death dealer
Couple minutes later i was stupid now

Slowly .. thinking where i have got this pistol from
Damn i was $#&@ed up
Still wondering if my daddy has abandoned us

Lost my dog when he decide to put them .. up
Left the door .. jam them up hitting pain i feel my cold heart
These !@$@s ? start have my younger put your .. like is all ?

Choppa stop a !@$@ like a cross gun

Hallucination my creation

Oh lord i am a mad man screaming salvation into the mother land
Never money over bothers man i don't think they understand

Hit the pain that was so poor is like the lions with a pack roar
Come meet the last of a dyeing breed guarantee that is some %#@! that you have never seen
Black man no college degree still i have made a way from my mother to eat

Million dollars a day i made it to peace still i am $$#ertive to the $#&@ing police
I forever be a free !@$@ as long as the sky is with me i will deal with them !@$@
Paranoid only lord knows i think i see people phantom only lord know

Hallucination my creation
God bless

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