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ACE HOOD lyrics : "Got Those J's"

[Intro: DJ Khaled & Ace Hood]
I got every single Air Jordan in the game
We The Best Haaah

Air Jordan
Ace Hood, DJ Khaled

[Bridge: Ace Hood]
I say the man at nothing like a pair of new J's
Speaking of em I got on the 9 cool greys

Switching them up like every day those 3′s are like my faith
Can't just cop a pair I need a couple I'm in the game

[Hook: Ace Hood]
I got them J's hoe
I got the J's though

Same ones that my homie MJ wore
I got them J's though
I got them J's though

Hit up the Flight Club they know what I came for

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]

Stackin one through twenty-three everything that's on the shelf
Got a room full of J's people think I need some help
I got them J's though, already paid for

I want them Jordan's Mama that's just what I pray for
I remember growin' up watching Jordan on his Bull %#@!
Look at them 13′s and them black and red

And them Space Jams and the patent leather
Shorts on with them 8′s on with them tank top and summer weather
Everytime a new J drop I go run and cop cause I new better

Im sneaker freakin'
I got my own homies geekin'
Like where you get em from?

See he aint never seen em
Them black and yellow 4′s
Sold out when it hit the store

I wake up every morning, which ones puttin on?



[Verse 2: DJ Khaled]
Air Jordan
We The Best Music

Ace Hood
DJ Khaled
One time for Reggie

One time for them Cement 3′s
Them Space Jams
Them Breds

I could keep going, I could go on and on
Air Jordan
We The Best




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