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ACE HOOD lyrics : "Ghetto"

Featuring: Dre

[Chorus: Dre]

Leave my heart to the ghetto, rubberbands stuffed
all in up, o yeahhh, o yeahh. Get money (get
money), dats the motto, hustle allday then we do

the %#@! tommorrow, I'm in the ghetto (ghetto),
I'm in the ghetto (ghetto), gotta get it (gotta
get it) dats the motto, live for today you might

never see tommorow, I'm in the ghetto (ghetto),
I'm in the ghetto (ghetto),

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
See I went straight to the pros who done done it
like me, breakup the flow now they holla "he a

beast", from the city where there's killas &
dealas & street beef, and them crackas on the
corner every avenue and place, and my homies

servin hard cause they livin by the day, see I do
it for my family and hustled by the way, now I'm
back up on the block ya see I'm cooler than them

othas, certified colored sneakas, keep a fitted
for the club, when I step out on the scene all dem
hoes be showin love, they know that I'm the dude

that be ringin thru the block, ace, ace, ace, ace,
yeah fool heard it rite, I done been down to the
bottom now I'm bound to see the top, my hood.

[Chorus x2: Dre]

[Hook: Dre]
You gotta love ya hood, you need to love your
projects, ay get me, get me.

[Verse 2: Ace Hood]
I gotem, a couple triple beams, about an ounce of

bakin soda, I got dat revenue dats hittin colda
than sammie sosa, (incomprehensible) Ya see growin
up I seen alotta things I wern't supposed, so

growin up I lost alotta people that were closa,
dats why I stay up on my grind and only roll with
soldiers, I hit the block and serve em everything

away from soda, don't $#&@ with out the soda,
sellin !@%!e with out the cola, my clientel is
strictly rock you can tell it by the odor, I keep

that nino with the mac hid underneath the sofa, so
if you ridin slngin tricks I suggest a coma, dem
#~!!@ ^!$$%z want me dead so I suggest and dopa.

[Chorus x2: Dre]

[Hook: Dre]

[Verse 3: Ace Hood]

Yeah I wake up in the ghetto tryin dream a couple
mill, I'm forced to get, momma shootin up and
poppin pills, Daddy on the porch with no remorse

he sittin still, this be the city that never pity
they would rather kill, I wipe my eyes and check
my clientel who by yaself, I grab the pots and

bakin soda yeah dat odor smell, dis be the hood I
got connections like a phone cable, so watch where
you work cause a mistake can be fatal, cause

crakas searchin for dat person tho I'm undertable,
can't find no witness, $#&@ dem snitches, dat get
snitches popped, another day just talkin on the

block, with a million on my glock, and a half off in my sock.

[Chorus x2: Dre]

[Hook: Dre]

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