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ACE HOOD lyrics : "Everyday"

Everyday, Everyday, Everyday

Everyday I gotta hustle, everyday I gotta shine
I wake up every morning with money on my mind

I gotta push my verte, I gotta drop my top (Everyday)
I gotta check my trap, I gotta hit my block (Everyday)
Oooh Every-Everyday, oooh Every-Everyday

I gotta push my verte, I gotta drop my top (Everyday)
I gotta check my trap, I gotta hit my block (Everyday)

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
Nothin' else matter but the money

Nothin' else matter but the money
$#&@ a ^!$$% hatin'
^!$$%'s used to pull up in the bucket

Now [?] cost a hundred
You don't wanna run it
Need a couple mil, I can front it

Everything you do, And I done it, I just keep it one hundred
Everyday a ^!$$% gettin' blunted, and I'm with a white snow bunny
Heard you got problems, Glock 40 on me for the dummies

And I got a little for your buddies
Homie don't play that, swear [?] word to my momma
She just told me focus on the comma's, boy that's everyday

I just wanna get it ten ways, rollie and a pair of new J's
Everyday I wake, I gotta thank the Lord for the day
Then I gotta go and get paid

Oh my goodness
Ain't drived the Porsche in a month, my range rover make a ^!$$% hush
$#&@ ^!$$% want

Sorry if I'm being too blunt,I gotta show a hater how to stunt
Boy you a joke, Kevin Hart with it
Deerfield rapper worth about a couple million

Imma go get it ^!$$%, Imma go get it ^!$$%, Imma go get it


[Verse 2]
Boy I'm getting money like a sheikh

Quarter mil, make it in a week
Crib like a mall, young ^!$$% living like meech
A Couple bad (*##$es in the jeep

20 gold bottles, you don't know nothin' bout this
You don't know nothin' bout a brick, 50K large
Coulda went and bought a new Benz, but instead I just put it on the wrist

And your (*##$ love it, rich ^!$$% but I'm still thuggin'
Broke ^!$$%'s stay mean muggin'
Used to have trouble with the four door Ford, now I'm tryin' make the Forbes

Ya'll ain't seen nothin'
Ain't even trippin', promise Imma die real ^!$$% and free my homeboys in the system
Stay prayed up, everyday my mind made up

Everyday [?], never caught slippin'
Case the wanna push they luck, try me if you thinkin' I'm bluffing

I love it when the beat go to ride out
I gotta yellow bone stripper at the trap house
I put the Chevy in the shop through summer time

Broward County, Deerfield born, running mine


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