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ACE HOOD lyrics : "December 31st"

Take a look into my eyes, and just tell me what you see
Tell me do you you see the beast they wanna let me off the leash
Way too many of them ^!$$%s sleep I spit fire third degree

#~!!@ ^!$$%s dont wanna believe, on my momma they gon see
Got the hottest flow, and im honest though
$#&@ witha ^!$$% be modest for

My concsious know im kinda dope
Somebody let them bloggers know
They dont wanna let this problem in

Every year is my time again
Underrated they contemplating im top 5 in they conversations
They heard the people been hating on me, oh well ^!$$%, whats new?

Still riding in a maybach and they face mad when I came through
These ^!$$%s hate that I made it, gotta make a way for my baby
My momma crying in that other room, and them tears were falling, I hate it

Next day I made me some changes, man up ^!$$% no complaining
Daddy left my younger stages, ain't no choice I had to make it
Will not quit, and I will repent, and I won't consent, with a ^!$$% who snitch

Coupe no top it dont make no sense, like a ^!$$% who broke it dont make no cents
Just stay friends in a whip no tint, and that rolex glist oh boy they pissed
Yall $#&@ boys do make me sick,your (*##$ blow me, C4, tick tick!

And I got this %#@!, Khaled I got em, he going to war, standing beside em
You gon need army! You gon need navy! You gon need soliders! Maybe OBAMA!
It's that W-E, T-H-E, B-E-S- carry the T

None of you ^!$$%s dont matter to me, slaughter ya feet, just slaughter your beat
Feed me rappers, bon appeite!
^!$$%s be trippin, them choppers will speak

Came for the war, no longer the peace, tackle the blind and be able to see
None of these ^!$$%s is ain't nothing like me, 24 years ain't get no sleep
26 inches on my jeep, feeling like shackles on my feet

Know the day that they let me free, Yall in trouble O-M-G!
Please oh please ^!$$% pray for me! Killing this %#@! boy, RIP!
Im back with a B and a mac on me,in the back of the jeep yall looking for me!

Capital A
Capital C
Capital E

H-double O, D
Free my ^!$$%s till they all get free! Rep my city, gotta rep my team!
Brower county President, thats that %#@! that I represent!

Quarter mill for that whip im in, #~!!@ boys I never mind they diss
80 thousand thats on my wrist, take your chick and I make that (*##$
Hit the dick, then take a flick, send that %#@!, you'll have a fit

L-O-L im outta state, young ^!$$% tryna get filthy rich
Im outchea, better bring your voucher , better call your counsler
%#@! get real, wanna think im coward? Oh I ain't bout it

Now your family, is pushing flowers tears to your momma, heard it got em
Never want that drama! Never want that drama ohhh Lord!
I pray the world dont end in January, December 31st I made obituaries!

All you ^!$$%s sleeping, meet the cemetery, all you ^!$$%s sleeping, meet the cemetery!!

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