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ACE HOOD lyrics : "Da Streets"

[Intro: Birdman]
Know I might say YMCMB a lot
It's 'cause I love my squad

Shoutout to that We The Best music
Play that new Ace Hood!
Guess what? YMCMB!

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
OK, now God that's above, the only man who can judge

Flip a brick to a Benz, never reveal who the plug
Over money, I know some young'ins who turned on their blood
If ^!$$%s' (*##$es, just dig em ditches, that's rule number one

Ain't never gonna turn on my ^!$$%s, I put that %#@! on my sister
Keep that ho when I ride, and I'm talking about my lil pistol
That's cause the streets hella cold

Most of my friends turn to foes
Some of these ^!$$%s are (*##$es
Most of these women be hoes

But I just stay on my grizzle, $#&@ we get money, ^!$$%s
Most these !@#( just talk it, I really know me some killers
Don't even go there, don't even go there!

Most of my ^!$$%s labeled felons boy don't make em go there
I holler, $#&@ a man, that #~!!@ %#@! you stand for
These people hate that I done made it, what you mad for?

I'm doing me, my truey jeans, is full of cash flow
And that real ^!$$% %#@! the only thing I stand on
I'm out of my mind, I'm going 200 on the dash board

My whips so foreign, it's a must I keep my passport
My chopper gold, I mean that Trinidad James ho
In twenty jesus pieces, bury me with chains on, #~!!@!

[Bridge: Birdman]
Shoutout to that boy stunner!

Shoutout to that boy George Dukes!
Shoutout to my ^!$$% Wayne!
Mac Man, I see you!

[Verse 2: Ace Hood]
OK, now two jesus pieces running

These streets and my loafers
Every day I'm a hustler, I gotta meet my new quota
Rest in peace all my ^!$$%s, I'm trying to find me some closure

^!$$%s ain't who they say they are, it's 'bout time expose em
Fresh and I'm in that new Lotus, I block the fake like a golie
Killing these ^!$$%s I promise, just wanted to send my condolence

Better know we out here, yeah boy, we out here
And it ain't no limes you know them couches, I'm paper counting
Them cowards piling

Take a trip overseas then come back and buy me beamer
Tippin' toe on the forges, that's a new ballerina
Only eat up the #~!!@ if you smell like a finna

Keep some %#@! in the trunk, that just might clear out arenas
I'm talkin' Starvation 2, the beast is back in the booth
I got that %#@! off the muscle, I'm only preaching the truth

I thank the Lord every morning, I'm not that boy on the corner
Got a crib big as walmart and ho I'm the owner, yeah!

[Outro: Ace Hood & Birdman]
Toe tag, ^!$$%!
Ace Hood!

Trials and tribulations, the new album, 2013, ^!$$%
We the hottest
We the bidness, ^!$$%, we them ^!$$%s

Ya feel me?
(We got too much money to be $#&@in around with ya'll ^!$$%s)
We the best!

(See sometimes you gotta understand)
(We don't personally have to come see you,

But we will have somebody personally to come see you)

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