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ACE HOOD lyrics : "Brothers Keeper"

I'm my brother's keeper
I am my brother's keeper

And thou shalt not cross each other in the name of Jesus
And thou shalt not testify and go against yo people
And thou shalt not speak about it if you ain't never done it

Put God first and my family second, ain't nothing above it
I'm my brother's keeper
I am my brother's keeper

[Verse 1]
I pledge allegiance, my brother's keeper til I'm death departed

My weed out so yo bull%#@! will get disregarded
Get yo money dog and say $#&@ them ^!$$%s, cut they head regardless
And if you go to war then I'm going too, now it's gangsta party

And mama told me don't trust ^!$$%s cause they all jealous
And if you out of jail this early dawg then you probably tellin
Oh Lord, you lookin at one of the realest ^!$$%s you done ever seen

On New Year's Eve I'm buying 20 choppas for the whole team
Getting dirty money but my (*##$es clean, they like Listerine
Where I come from it's either fake or real, it's no in-between

An eye for an eye, all my ^!$$%s ride or die
All my ^!$$%s certified
Trill ^!$$%s recognize hah!


[Verse 2]
My best friend got killed probably bout a year ago
On his front porch for a bag of !@%!e and some indigo

I was mad as hell, why the $#&@ he ain't keep that hammer close?
I should've been there, I should've gone with him when he had to go
Cause this cold world that we livin in it's like 3 below

And I'll be !@#$ed if I'll bury any other of my ^!$$%s, no
In my home town I had downtown, I've been plottin plenty
And if you with a real ^!$$% on some real %#@! you won't understand it

I'm against the wall, I gotta make some calls, them ^!$$%s broke the law
I'm in the blue sedan, I got the tool in hand and they comin to talk
What's the word homie? All my ^!$$%s ride or die

^!$$%s ain't safe when them Haitian boys done come drive-by


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