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ACE HOOD lyrics : "Be Great"

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
Uh guess again they hesitated

Just to let him in
Walk a mile in my shoes
I swear they never did

Know they never will
Finally I'm center fielder
See a mill cry tears, for my old fields

Looking back I promise mama I never will
Gave me chills this humble nigg* remaining still
Underrated be the best my ultimatum is in my flow

Cultivate 'm, moving like a terminator ugh
So inspired the swag they so admire
Sitting court side with the Boss with empires

Used to be a dream I'm a smoking the entire
R.I.P. My homies

Different kind of strokes
The boy Gary Colemen
Meeting different women

And I swear I got them open
No love for them because the ice box frozen
Been to the bottom now it's spring like Poland

Wattup 'tho
Renegades we writing history
I'm a inspired by the beat

Cups for victory


Hey hey hey hey
And I been through that pain
In my life earning my stripes

But still I'm going fight this war
Cause they say that I won't
Show them I will

You with me let me hear you say
That we never gone stop aim for the top head to that sky
I just want to be great

Be great be great be great
I just wanna be great
Be great be great be great

I just wanna be

[Verse 2:]

Hella passionate admint yes accurate
Science to the game I study like that anatomy
Used to can't battle me now I triple your salary

Back full of batteries that's definition of strategy
Day I let them win that'll be death of me
Something you will never see

Dope like antiphetimin
Riding in some %#@! that probably dropping 2017
Martin Luther ain't the only one who had a dream

I just wanna be great MJ style
Doubted by the critics hip hop's stepchild
Little boys and girls way your head down

You can be great you just got to say it proud
On a mission my ambition got me living different
Big crib but a made man living in it

Words to my nigg*s they the living witness
Believe that I'm great glad you living with us


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