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ACE HOOD lyrics : "Another one"

Well alright
Turn me up
I try to told em

I try to told em
I do it
I do it

For the Sport
Oh yea

Mo Money, Mo problems
Just bring me the paper
Yo Problems are petty

I'll tend to em later
I'm busy with business
no time for them (*##$es

I married my pistol
devoted to snitches
I honor my father

hope Lord'll forgive me
the devils be watchin
i'll send em ya message

I'm seein dead people
they thinking I'm trippin
my wrist is a beast

i swear its a villian
they say im crazy hoe
a couple screws loose

she schemin she f**kin
whats this fruit juice
(*##$ im hater proof

soakin in that 22
brand new 750
let's see what it can do

i know i'm the %#@!
i hardly piss
my money in bags

get what I wish
get what I want

It's we the best
welcome home

i do it
yeaaa i do it
and i do that %#@! well too


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