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Abysmal Dawn : The Sleeper Awakens lyrics

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Abysmal Dawn lyrics : "The Sleeper Awakens"

Empty as I lay here in waiting
Looking for a sign of life within this gloomy soul
Our time has expired but I will not let go

Inside of me I fight this battle alone


And the full moon will rise
On this world we've forsaken
Now that we've finally arrived

Let the sleeper awaken

Dystopia your children lay broken

Now sleep and dream through this future uncertain
Let the sun warm my face as my eyes burn with sulfur
Let me drink from your fountain just to die then of hunger


Pain leaves their eyes
Now is there hope or only a fantasy?

Feel the change now with the dawn
Wondering what's to become
Expediency of death and birth

Descending into this blackened earth
Shadows cast to obstruct our view
Concealing us from a shameful truth

Cling the rotten breast and thirst for life
Hear the weeping brood of all mankind

Pain leaves their eyes
Now is there hope or only a fantasy?

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