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Abysmal Dawn : Pixilated Ignorance lyrics

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Abysmal Dawn lyrics : "Pixilated Ignorance"

I am the new flesh
A distorted human being
Projections altered states within my mind

Is this a dream or another state of consciousness?
Reality of a fiction in my eyes

Violence engulfs the living dream
Reprograms me for control
Torture viewed upon the screen

Influence over us all

I am the new flesh

A distorted human being
A soldier in the battle for control
I see my new self in pixilated ignorance

An image condemned to leave me cold


Perpetuation of fraud
Indoctrination of your God

Victimize !@%@ic masses
Dehumanize to gain control

Fortify your stranglehold

Pacify the living torment

Genocide of the soul
Mortified you come to an end
Humankind you're bought and sold

[Repeat 1st verse]

I live confined by all that I perceive
Kill me projections of life made to deceive



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