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Abysmal Dawn : Perpetual Dormancy lyrics

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Abysmal Dawn lyrics : "Perpetual Dormancy"

Spiraling down into a world without a conscious
Selflessness a vision rarely seen
Crawling out of the sickness that surrounds us

Drifting from a womb of selfish greed

The righteous are long for death

Martyrs now cognizant

Filled with doubt my hatred becomes boundless

Cannot rest in dens of enemies
Let them pray for a change that they'll call progress
Renew their faith so that they may proceed

The righteous are longing for death
Martyrs now cognizant

I see the herds of passive flesh
Plunging to their untimely deaths

Our world is falling to pieces


The essence of this world is rotten
Decaying in a violent sea
Lost souls forgotten

In perpetual dormancy

I see the herds of passive flesh

Wandering from the hope they've left
Cannot forget their faces


[Repeat 1st verse]

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