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Absurd Minds : Powerful lyrics

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Absurd Minds lyrics : "Powerful"

You really lived, when you were children.
You really lived, when you were young.
And that was when you were the most powerful.

When you desire to know everything there is to know,
Then you will start to live again.
Every dream you've ever wanted you get to have,

You'll be the most powerful
And your destiny, genetic as it seems,
Will not be restricted,

Cause your life will be extended.
Was du denkst, was du fühlst, was du tust - das bist du

- the real wish comes alive.

Was du liebst, was du gibst, was du bekommst - entspricht dir

- divine thougts in my mind.

The moment you become that which is termed adults

? you no longer dream and hope.

You are an educational machine that eats and labors,
That fights and wars.

You can be what you wanna be.
You can live what you wanna live.
You can get what you wanna get.

Do it all when you want to know!

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