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ABSTRACT RUDE lyrics : "Somethin' About This Music"

(feat. Tribe Unique)

It's all, it's all becoming to clear to me

There appears to be something that you do not know about
Something about this music
Somn', something about this music


Still young but I'm old
Pursuing the truth in goal
Trying to produce from the soul

Backing me is a force, my greatest resource
So when you ride this rhyme you be the rhyme horse
This rhyme is a compass

Designating the direction of your mind as you want this
The dope beats don't cease
Not for player haters

But the appreciators of what we release
Heavyweights will take a stand and show your flow is nice
They'll pass the mic like Montana would throw to Rice

A prime from the mind to the wickedness
They ride on the dance floor like the Nicholas
Brothers, Tribe Unique discovers

Different ways, visually stimulating displays of movement
Groovy groovy slide, watch me do this step
Let's see if you can vibe to how deep does it get


Emcees flowing deep and wide, deep and wide
Cali earthquake impact when me and the beat collide
Smack dab, dropping like a Reggie Miller clutch three

Leaving emcees saying "$#&@ me"
Ooh, but don't get vulgar just cause I provoked ya
You're all vultures, our music is the prey

We do this every day
You swoop down in your six-four
Bumping ATU through alpines

But please, time's down, dogs up
The Project Blowedians be the first to battle, that's what you call guts
Caps peeled back by verbal weapon

You hear them tracks, feel back, you heard us flexin'
Manifestation, switch the station
To de-program the robots

The ones who Acey calls Knownots
Tell your whole block cause it's the sure shot


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