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ABSTRACT RUDE lyrics : "Inside your eyes"

(feat. Tribe Unique)

Inside your eyes

Inside your eyes one can see a person's soul

Inside your eyes

Three sides of the story to give you a full whole

Young girl had a baby, babies having babies
Today a mother, yesterday a young lady

And even though her peoples taught her right
These young fellas picked fruit and they got a ripe
Pick off the tree, pricked by a thorn

(I'm pregnant)
Nine months later, child born
What no one knew is that she planned it (why?)

To get away from everybody she had already abandoned
She had problems in her home though
Can't count on Mama or nobody so she had to get her own dough

She felt she had to be kept to keep herself in check
Hooked up with a roughneck, and had sex
He had a little money, and didn't dress bummy

That's why she thought she had it made when he blew up her tummy
But he didn't want to stay, she felt played
She said ("It's no problem that we can't solve")

It was a big standoff and her man ran off
I ran into her the other day and I could tell (I could tell)
By the look in her eyes, she's was going through hell

What's up

I can see the vibe from the look inside your eyes

(They tell me why)
I can see the vibe from the look inside your eyes
(They tell me why, they tell me why) [x2]

Inside your eyes (Inside your eyes) Inside your eyes

The girl's mama got a problem too (what's that?)
Her kid's workin her nerves and the authorities is calling too
All she knew is she got bills to pay

She ain't wrong, at some point everybody feels this way
She can't help but to wonder
If she did something wrong, or did the ghetto take her under

Oh what a bummer it's gon' be a long summer
She's gotta call the plumber cause the pipes are clogged
This type of life is called struggling

Her son sees this so he starts hustling, getting his
In the process, a major layoff in the work place
Mama came home with a sad face

Bad luck, no job
Welfare, oh God
She prays and crys

I can tell how she's feeling by the look in her eyes


Mama's son found a way out (How?)
He got some change from that robbery that everybody's talking 'bout (What?)

But didn't do enough planning
He bought a gang of clothes and all the rest went gambling
And oh yeah, he's developed a new habit

Puffing on that sherm stick, acting like a savage
Till one day the cops let him have it
Caught with an automatic pistol and a dove

He was off to see the judge
With three strikes in effect
The threat of a second was enough to put his life in check

And while his whole family looked at him
The judge laughed, proceeded to throwing the book at him
I ran with him so I know the whole story

I feel for him, it could've been him or me
I went to visit last weekend
Maybe he could drop some game on me that I wasn't peeping

I saw his family there
His mother started crying cause she saw somebody else cared
These are the stories of our lives
A sister, mother, and brother described by the look in their eyes


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