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ABOVE US THE WAVES lyrics : "The Sirens, The Pleasures"

The Sirens, The Pleasures"
Yeah, the world is in my hands tonight
this smile is carved throughout my face

cups in the air, fire in our hearts

I'll celebrate till morning rise

with weathered souls, no rights or wrongs
we're held in crossroads for so long

an ongoing illusion and always is welcome as hell
with rows of bottles will count the years wasted again

I will drain the joy out of this day
I have grown tired of the debate
it all comes down to what we shared

Unearth the seeds, rethink your needs
this foundation was built on clay
lets light the spark back in our hearts

we're all meant to shine
but now it's my turn

we'll make it through this alive
as we always did

what have we done
with our primes down the gutter
what have we done

what have we done my brothers

This day I saved for you...

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