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ABOVE THIS : S'GO (Hometown Memories) lyrics

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ABOVE THIS lyrics : "S'GO (Hometown Memories)"

Welcome to my hometown
Where i come from the grass is much greener

No lines were crossed, so don't you be an inbetweener now
Sake, so can I lie awake, The feeling of being fake, But i guess i'll have to wait
To make that damn mistake

Let me know if i'm too forward, the meanings got my mindset lowered
Yes i'm young i take no orders, and all this drama's got me cornered
I am so surreal this is how i feel, now we got the deal, and our cash on seal

(2x) I love my life, everything feels right, so let's do it tonight, everything's alright
(2x) Rightt, this night is going the way that i planned,
so take a hit of this smoke out my hand

(2x) I couldn't ask for more, My hometown's never bored, We look upon the lights,
let's do this big tonight,
Welcome to my hometown

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