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AB-SOUL : Only 1 lyrics

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AB-SOUL lyrics : "Only 1"

And I don't keep my head up, I keep it down cause God do
Ay look, don't worship me, I'm not Christ

I'm not God, but I try to be

[Verse 1]

Check, check, check check
Damn right, I'm selling out
In case one of my ^!$$%s go to jail, I can bail em out

I heard that lucifer's the angel of music
This is preposterous, so much for Gospel we all stupid
Look, toast to the gods, Del Amo Boulevard

That's where I was, pacing back and forth like I was on drugs
And I was, but I was comin' up with some raw %#@!
It was either this or hittin' licks with whats-her-name and them

They had that work, turns out I'm sellin' crinack anyway
She been standin' in line since the AM just to hear my statements
I ain't the black lipped [email protected]$( no more, I'm more mature

Call me the black lipped pastor, I walk on holy water
And Joseph ain't my father, holla

Many gon' come, many gon' go
Only time'll tell, only God knows

Coldest under moon, hottest under sun
Many gon' come, but there is only one
Soul-o, soul-o, soul-o

S-soul-o, soul-o, soul-o (There is only one)
Soul-o, soul-o, soul-o
S-soul-o, soul-o, soul-o (There is only one)

Soul-o, soul-o, soul-o
S-soul-o, soul-o, soul-o (There is only one)
Soul-o, soul-o, soul-o

S-soul-o, soul-o, soul-o (There is only one)

[Verse 2]

I told Punch I'll probably get $$#assinated by the government
Reverse psychology, they gotta keep me alive
To make like what I'm sayin' is lies, surprise!

I just left Burberry and dropped five, like I went half on a dime
But not this time, Soul-o
And I don't find it odd, I'm breakin' even

Maybe I should've prayed to Jesus instead of Herbert Stevens
I'd rather murder beats than murder people, for this reason
I seek an instrumental in attempts to leave it bleedin'

You a menstrual cycle with flower pedals to a Harley
Rap Genius'll decode it for me

I came from nothin'
No really, I came from nuttin'
You got here, but you came for nothin'

No really, you came for nuttin', (*##$es, and money
Me too, I came for change, too much #[email protected] in this game
Whats my mother$#&@in' name?


[Verse 3]
Yo-yo-yo-yo look (Soul-o)
Who else could rhyme like me

I'm making profit off of prophecy
We built this dynasty on democracy and philosophy
A lil geometry some ##&*%$ and a lot of weed

A fifth of Hen, a pint of lean and a bible, G
OD flow, A-B Soul, if you forget the dash you uh wish you didn't
Who am I kiddin' I'mma artist arsonist a good samaritan with bad habits

Kendrick Lamar on the acid tablet
And a groove between Q and Langston Hughes
Rock if he was a rockafella that was signed to Roc-A-Fella

($#&@ Black Hippy)
Huge views we need a telescope to tell you dope
I'm not like you, I close my eyes and I see Metatron's Cube

No dream to sell you though my mind move like a monsoon
Lagoon its true I rode the waves back in high school
Life's a (*##$ with STD's that I just hit

The next ten years is T.D.E.
I got dough but I used to shine poor unlike Shyne Po
Cause now Shyne po'and Shyne shine no mo'
Thats how it goes when ya cons outweighin' ya pros
I got three eyes two lungs full of OG but only one -*static*

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