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AB-SOUL : Beautiful Death Feat Ashtrobot & Punch lyrics

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AB-SOUL lyrics : "Beautiful Death Feat Ashtrobot & Punch"

[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
My only fear is fear itself
I ain't afraid to die, more afraid of myself

^!$$%s looking at me like I don't hear myself
Like I don't know pain -- I been here myself
(This life will drive you crazy)

Only if you let it
I'm just an American expressin' - Just give me credit
Won't be surprised if before I rise, I'm beheaded

These are the days of our lives
Nightmares of a thief comin' takin' my life
I go to sleep thinkin' I may never wake up

In this reality, at least I keep my bed made up
I just wish they all could see what I can see
If we could stop it with the violence and apply a lil' logic I believe

We could thrive to be a promise, see -- Civilisation
We may die individually, but as a nation
We'll rise, ^!$$%, change lives, ^!$$%

Break ties from the everyday lies, ^!$$%
It's not time, until it's our time

(Don't be so afraid to die)
Until it's our time

(Don't be so afraid to die)
It's not time, till it's our time
(Cause we'll never die)

[Verse 2: Ab Soul]
All I see is confusion and chaos

Blatant disorder, authorities pickin' on the minorities
Unfortunately, the land of the free has little to offer me
And got me awfully thinkin' about offin' me

I wake up in the morning and I ask myself
Is life worth living, should I blast myself?
I'm tired of being broke and even worse

The upper class acts like they want me off this earth
(This life will drive you crazy)
Only if you allow it

That's only if you a coward and you're sure to get devoured
To no avail, tuck your tail, and all you do is give them power
Who's gonna take a stand, who's gonna be a man?

Who do you work for? Please help me understand
You could be the victor in a situation
We may die individual, but as a nation

We'll rise, ^!$$%, change lives, ^!$$%
Break ties from the everyday lies, ^!$$%
It's not time, until it's our time


[Verse 3: Punch]
Pardon my immortality
I'm Martin Luther shooting back at the balcony

Escapin' in a Lorraine until they call in the cavalry
Out from 184, oh lord, nobody blast for me
If it takes me to be a martyr to push the envelope farther

^!$$% show me to the slaughter
I gladly sacrifice what is percieved
Sow my seed, so my seed can live its dreams

My spittin' image, see my stitching in his genes
According to my likeness, this breath of life is priceless
My enlightenment's the ancient Chaldeans

Penetratin' America's culture, to its very being
It's not political though, it's more critical
Spiritual warfare, you can murder me in the physical

But I advise y'all to keep me alive
In the event of my demise, I'll be bigger than life
Beautiful death, ^!$$%

[Bridge: Ab-Soul]
Tragedy after tragedy, it's sad to see

America killin' her babies like Casey Anthony
We try, we try to cope and hold on to our sanity
Poppin' ecstasy will surely shorten life expectancy

We travel the seven seas in hopes for a little peace
We promised pie in the sky, I'm dyin' to get a piece
Put down your piece, I'm wish you all a beautiful death

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