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9TH WONDER FT. JAY-Z, PHARRELL & THE JACKSON 5 : I Know (What You Like) lyrics

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9TH WONDER FT. JAY-Z, PHARRELL & THE JACKSON 5 lyrics : "I Know (What You Like)"

And I know, I know what you like
Everything you love

Baby you love Hov

[Verse 1]

She wants that old thing back
She want those !#@# tracks
She likes me

She fiends for me nightly
She leans for me
Morning, she rush for my touch

This is about lust
Cold sweats occur when I'm not with her
My presence is a must- must- must-

Bonita Applebum, I gotta put you on
If I didn't when we cutting, the feeling would be too strong
In any form, I'm giving you sweet dreams

That Sugar Hill, she call me her sweet thing
That Black Rain that take away your pain
Just for one night, baby, take me in vein

Now that feelin' got you trippin'
You no wanna feel no differently
Said lust has got you itchin'

Nose wide open and it's drippin'
I know what you like, I am your prescription
I'm your physician, I'm your addiction


[Verse 2]
I am so dope
Like Louboutin's with the red bottoms

You gotta have 'em, you glad you got 'em
Like every color Giuseppe's, your guilty pleasure is me
It's so much fun, you shun therapy

Although it never be, the feeling is fleeting
Shopping's like coppin', you constantly need it
I'm never around, you constantly seek it

You'll never be down, I know where your peak is
9 1/2 weeks is better than 12-steps
I keep tryin' to remind you to keep tellin' yourself

Now your conscience is interfering, like ?Better yourself!?
Like you better get help
But when that medicine's felt?

We're back together
Don't ever leave me
Don't ever let 'em tell you that you'll never need me

My China White, 'til we D.O.A
Its Montega forever, baby, lets get away


[Verse 3]

How could you leave me?
I thought that you needed me!
When the world got too much and you pleaded with me?

Who helped you immediately?
How speedy of me!
How could you deny me so vehemently?

Now your body is shaking, trying to free it of me
And your soul is in control, trying to lead it from me
And your heart no longer pledge allegiance to me

Damn, I'm missing the days when you needed the D!

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