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9MONTHS lyrics : "Pain Killer"

%#@!, Im drunk
Yes, I drank, %#@!
I am a punk

I fall, my feet
Are wimp, its not cool
I look like a fool

I need pain killers!!!

I need bad breakers!!
Cause Im a big drunker
We are all! Except the drummer

We will rock you for ever
We wont make Rap, Never!!

Men, I dont feel good,
Guys, I ate bad food,
I hate this $#[email protected] life

Cause I havent any wife
I think Ill kill me
To be free


The Crack control me
Its sure, Ill kill me sorry,
When Ill be died, men

Dont forget Heineken
After my dead, Ill be famous
I think its fabulous!

Then, youll die, excuse me
But Its your fault if I died

Cause I drank yesterday
Ill kill me ,anyway

The night will protect us For ever,
And the moon will be our controller.


Refrain NĀ°2


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Thanks to alexandra_feaa