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98 DEGREES : Was It Something I Didn't Say lyrics

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98 DEGREES lyrics : "Was It Something I Didn't Say"

Spending another night alone
Wondering when will i ever see you again
Thinking what I would give to get

you back baby
I should have told you how I felt then
Instead I kept it to myself, yeah

I let my love go unexpressed
'Til it was too late
You walked away

Was it something I didn't say
When I didn't say "I Love You"

Was it words that you never heard
All those words I should have told you
All those times, all these nights when I

had the chance to
Was it something I didn't say

Always $$#umed that you'd be there
Couldn't foresee the day you'd ever
be leaving me

How could I let my world slip through
my hands baby
I took for granted that you knew, yeah

All of the love I had for you, yeah
I guess you never had a clue
'Til it was too late

You walked away


All the words were in my heart
They went unspoken

Baby now my silent heart
is a heart that's broken
i should have said so many things

Shoulda let you know you're the one
I needed near me
But I never let you hear me


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