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98 DEGREES : Completely lyrics

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98 DEGREES lyrics : "Completely"

I gotta come clean with you baby
Do everything to make you see
I gotta be with you tonight

The thought of it's consuming me
Your body next to mine
Let's not waste any time

Baby just give me a chance
We could make some
sweet romance tonight

Completely into you
Discretely I will prove
That I can do

What you need me to do for you
For you

Not that you are here with me
Every kiss with you
Is like a dream come true

It's ecstacy
We'll take it even further
If you say that it's okay

Just let yourself go
We'll take it slow
Let's go all the way tonight

Baby, baby let's dim the lights
Set the mood

Make you feel alright
We'll take it nice and slow
I've got to show

The way that love is supposed to go


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