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911 : Nothing Stops The Rain lyrics

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911 lyrics : "Nothing Stops The Rain"

Get down baby, Funky,
I said get get get on get on down, Funky,
I said get get get on get on down

Never thought the memories
Would cause me so much pain

When night time falls
It brings the good times back again
With you and I, I can't deny that love remains

We touch each other
In a special kind of way
The bittersweet parade

We got will never end
So baby let's not pretend
For destiny has played it's hand

Can't stop the tide from flowing
Can't hold back the pain
Can't fight the feeling

It's like nothing stops the rain
Baby there's no denying
You've got what I crave

Got the hunger
It's like nothing stops the rain

We're trapped together
It's just something we can't explain
I'm your essential baby

Your my nec

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