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8 SCREEN lyrics : "Sad Reality"

Mom tell me why life is so tough
So painful
I would to be again 5 years old

When it ws easy and when you liked me...

Now i'm 14 And life is difficult

I'm not good at school
I want to sucide myself
To kill myself, to die, to be out of this world

Mom help me when i said
drity words, no offense

I love you mom
Come back mom i need you
I'm gonna kill me

life is so tough

And you dad you teach how to hunt, to fish

And to lace my shoes
Where are you when i need you
Tell me what to do

I make stupid things everyday, life is so tough

Dad tell me why life is so tough

so painful
i would like to be 5 years old again
when it was easy and when you liked me

Where are the days
The sunny days when i was happy

Mom and dad why did you divorce
I love ya

Mom and dad i love ya
Life is tougher and tougher
This life is $#&@ed up

and your life is $#&@ed up

Mom please help me

Dad please help me

Help me mom and dad

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