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8 FOOT SATIVA : Mentally Castrated lyrics

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8 FOOT SATIVA lyrics : "Mentally Castrated"

Following blindly with deadpan eyes
Government playthings, no resistance
Human lab rats tested everyday

Poisons in the water, air and earth
Imprisoned willingly, what existence
Been told what to do, how to live your life

Walk the straight and narrow
Get $#&@ed you cunts and die

Their constant surveillance,
Prying eyes, you live in fear
Contemplate the choices

Are you suffering? Enduring?

Losing grip, a false hope, insanity embraces

Mentally castrated, Mentally castrated

Our fate is in our own hands no one else's

Don't ever let anyone tell us
You can't! You won't! You never will!
Forced to learn what they want you to believe

Step outside of the square
And use your $#&@ing head

Slavery, captive in this world of judgement
Prejudice, pre-conceived opinions of liars
Don't give in to tergiversation

Turncoats never make a nation
Desperate to prove your worth to others
Who gives a $#&@ what people think

Be yourself, just be yourself!

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