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8 FOOT SATIVA : Genetic Treason lyrics

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8 FOOT SATIVA lyrics : "Genetic Treason"

Civilization, bane of mankind
The old ways disappear, they always disappear
Clans and tribes moulded together, integration

Creating cities of filth
Earth is scarred, festering wounds
Humans breeding, changing, fading

A ruined world left to rot
Commune of genetic treason

No more living with the land, dominate, tame, abuse
Livestock put on death row, humanity let loose
Unnatural nature, genetic treason

Evolution in the devil's playground

Architects design with no aesthetics

Cadaverous structures, dominate landscapes
Diplomacy shot to pieces over unclaimed land
Performing c-sections, festering wounds on mother earth

Dissection of trust, unlawful judgement
Victims fisted by perverted hands of justice
Freedoms removed, controlling the masses

All rights revoked, restraining movement

Provoking the crowds, anger heightens

Freedom of speech no longer applies
Speak your voice, oppression feeding
Optimistic views discouraged

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