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8 FOOT SATIVA : Brutal Revenge lyrics

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8 FOOT SATIVA lyrics : "Brutal Revenge"

They've had it coming for so long
Not indispensable, not untouchable
This world doesn't care who they are, what they are

I've had e-$#&@ing-nough
They've driven me to this
They should have stayed away

Now they will pay

With this one shot

I can change so many lives
I see no victims on obstacles

I will be remembered, not them
All will know my name but never understand
I know I will be despised, but my hate runs stronger

So I continue to hunt and kill
Never a greater weapon unleashed

I bring them hell on earth
Show them what fear really is
Soon they will all be dead

And no one cares but me
Extreme vengeance fills my head
Soon for all to see

Ignored, cast out, labelled worthless
I will have my brutal revenge

Ignored, cast out, betrayed again
You will feel my brutal revenge
Never cross me, never betray

Our paths will cross, and yours will end

A hunter being hunted

Enforcers chasing carnage
For now im a step ahead
Staining streets with blood

I know my time will end
But I am one my trophies many
Until then I stalk the streets

Taking lives of those not worthy

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