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8 FOOT SATIVA : 8 Foot Sativa lyrics

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8 FOOT SATIVA lyrics : "8 Foot Sativa"

Stashing the bag and the joint
There's no real dealer

Makin' the change counting on 8 foot sativa
The choice is mine smashed as all is fine
The choices we make

The chances we take
Given' to you we hope its not too late
Even with all the %#@! we've been put through

Give it to you we're gonna prove

What's that, what's that

Step up Step up Step up for sativa
Step up Step up for 8 foot sativa

Wake up wake up wake up for sativa
Wake up wake up for 8 foot sativa

Even with all the %#@! and those who've been claiming it
We'll give it to you and hope its a master hit
What we can stand to play across the land

Trying new %#@! together hand and hand
Wondering why to live is to die
Keeping it real until we must lie

Leaving the change of what we decide
Crossing the line of all inside

Again, again

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