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7OUMANI : Hamzaoui Med Amine Feat KAFON lyrics

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7OUMANI lyrics : "Hamzaoui Med Amine Feat KAFON"

To love صنعك O Lord .. And hate anytime Snato people
Forget the grace of my Lord .. Regardless lied envy .. Aڤtl to sensitive
Its safety yo .. Its safety oh .. Sheikha 's love for Mali

ڤadh drug .. Amount to Uige .. Day and night

Houmani .. Houmani .. Houmani

Houmani .. Houmani ...

ڤaeidin Enaiho to Alzbilh in poubella

T Vڤra Nڤra what Bakri Nڤom what know Mnڤalh the
T Vڤra Nڤra than .. What Nڤom Bakri Nڤra , which
Honey Khanڤh Barsha distress ...

You missed the word pocket words .. In Zlama what peace
To parenchymal so what , what Malam .. Head Mdnks the Dima ڤdam
Btabiato Alldoro in my pocket Khmah hav

Btabiato kid large exceeded Sheikha cerebrovascular dementia
Btabiato Rasi Znzin supplemented attributed roll spirit
About two types Bbat .. Much people per read

Honey eat bytes .. Honey eat Alepeshamat .. Maaajabu Atklat
Honey whole How How is number one , Afat
Honey is still presentation ڤdam .. O God chattel to cream

Honey L Bhim blood .. Not Abosc the Eliminated Lakem the
Honey day feast Theatrical leader

Houmani .. Houmani .. Houmani
Houmani .. Houmani ...

In Satan Alzenڤh see .. And Ladd الحومة the Rakeshh with him
What Touhch has passed misses him .. T even Marab the stick
And to Tlkaa the Malcherbh pay puffed Aalslath

Existence Dergm of Nڤ catcher .. Cold Winnick melted شكلاطة the States
Lizzie of tear Sayyala .. Lizzie Lizzie Mullah فاله the
Lizzie what Kalat agency .. ڤdash of one of us

Abolo played Hnڤalh .. Nor by side Hait Nmalh the word ڤalh
Reflect Tڤrb exude .. Talrgelh Kaana in Alڤlb
What Aadsh eat to Ogh hit .. Physical brain damage

Of unjust Nbiho dog .. Enter to حومنا T ڤrb
Of Rihtk for slaves escape .. Ki Thih step Tzerb the
To ابدة was people خايفين .. Scared the people gave their

Do not you love not Wish betrays time .. Honey , what does not , what do not understand
Lived طحنا the ڤmana .. Nlڤao Ruahna in Aldbo
Tahbuna SHKUN Nspo .. T SHKUN Tahbuna Nspo

Rak Masith .. Rak mode, RAK a Klkhh commodity Chikhc Alrasith
Rak Masith .. Rak mode, RAK a Klkhh commodity Chikhc Alrasith

Houmani .. Houmani .. Houmani .. Houmani

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