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7L and ESOTERIC : Herb lyrics

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7L and ESOTERIC lyrics : "Herb"

This some quick %#@!, check
You're a herb and uh, it's like this

("Ya better ask somebody")

[Verse 1]

You're a herb, if you say you dig all the time
but can't find a sample from beats to the rhyme
A herb, if you claim your raps is official

But everything you sample is a $#&@in' re-issue
You're a herb, sayin' that you rhyme of the mind
But ya hype man's backin' up every line

If you're in a fight but don't really wanna scrap
But act like you want it when the bouncer hold you back
You're a herb, if you tip strippers with a dollar

Those who grab the [email protected]%!e and then call yaself a baller
A herb, if you just now sayin' holla
If you meet a girl but are too shook to call her

If you act cool but keep ya girl on a leash
If you're still talkin' bout the Jay Nas beef
You're a herb, if you saw episode one

But never saw the trilogy, I just begun
You're a herb

[humming to the beat with lines being mixed in]
"Ya better ask somebody"

"Yo herb"

[Verse 2]

You're a herb, if you got a flag on ya truck
But before last September you never gave a $#&@
A herb, if you put ya faith in the churches

I you call yourself Bin Laden in ya verses
A herb, actually, better yet a joke
If you glorify suicide and doin' lines of [email protected]%!e

I you traded in your comic books and stamps
For an Avirex and some SouthPole pants
You're a herb, if you live next to Forest Gump

But go to school tying your bandana in the front
"Yo herb", if you got skills but dress like a nerd
Just cause you can rap don't mean you ain't a herb

Herb, you're a herb if you claim fame
But hide yaself online with a fake screen name
Act violent and claim to hold things

Rappin' like a thug and walk around in toe rings
You're a herb


[Verse 3]

You're a herb, if your man buy's you a bex
And you're to stingy to buy him the next
But you'll buy a drink for the opposite sex

The type of guy that snatch whole albums of the neck
You're a herb, if you fallin' for the Puma fads
Cause they got a pair of turntables in their ads

A herb, if you never pay for a date
A big herb if you never reciprocate
If you gotta leave the room or change up ya tone

When you talkin' to your girl on your cell phone
A herb, if you steal out the tip cup
If you wear your hat with the visor flipped up

You're a herb, if you like this but don't own this
If you think it's funny when you $#&@in' with the homeless
If you tuck your sweatshirt in ya jeans

If you dis the goon group because you left a bean
You're a herb, mother$#&@er

[Hook: until fade]

Yeh, take offence, 7L on the track

Esoteric with the rap, herb rappers fall back

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