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7L and ESOTERIC : Be alert lyrics

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7L and ESOTERIC lyrics : "Be alert"

(feat. Beyonder, Virtuoso)

[Verse One: Esoteric]

I'm concotin medical doctrine's in journals
Maternally important internal organs and verbally abortin
epidermal $$#ortments; Esoteric torments, your performance

More reinforcements are necessary
Vocabulary slapped your capillaries
Adversaries are buried and made imaginary

in my stadium, [email protected]$* sapien brains I'm drainin 'em
Through their cranium, my style subterranean
like stalagmites, or titanium I brought the strontium

90, stompin 'em with osmium
My rhyme be, like a fluid, now your body spew it
Across your $#&@in birthplace like amniotic fluid

I wreck the mic, like electrolytes, extend like dendrites
Do transduction, you under construction like websites
You should be alert when I grip the cordless

or wind up payin mortgage on your cyrogenic storage

[Kool Keith scratched x2: "Be alert!"]

[Kool Keith scratched x2: "Be alert!"]
("Who is your best, chemical biological man?")

[Verse Two: Beyonder]
Genetic sources, of variation migration

Genetic drift double helix recombination
I be, $$#isting de-ribonucleaic acids
Fully incubated babies thought within synapses

Basic pressure units atmospheres to nearly force
I contradicted Boyle's Law, to Avagodro's Law
Immense platonic electrodes into

Ten solutions of metal ions stop, become oxydized reduced
I cycle in Alpha Nine, with those pesky, petrol-rabbits
that were feeding off energon of nitric acid plastic

Planted inserts, of empirical, formulas
received by satellite probes, circulating deep space
nebulas of all the second glitch, die or blow indubitably

I be creating space bridges with apexes beyond the galaxy
Constructicons, form Devestator the most powerful robot
MC's will break capacities of Dinobots in

assimilation, jet back to Iacron
The reflectors snapping shorts, busting like the arm of Megatron
or Galvatron I, eject laser beams to seek out

the lyrical matrix form parabolic to oblique while
Beyonder, this kid be reversing polarities
You see your %#@!'s overplayed, like mental physical vocabulary

Restrain your mainframe with no races left untamed

[Kool Keith scratched x2: "Be alert!"]

[Kool Keith scratched x2: "Be alert!"]

[Verse Three: Virtuoso]
I inspire minds with rhymes, like lattice work with vines

My vocals realign, resulting in catapulting
if he's revolting even insulting my mic monarchy
In chronology, they get lobotomy sonically

Ecstatically, rippin 'em with hematology curriculum
Kill and then he's spittin sonnets at the requiem
Lymph nodes, I'm swellin 'em like mononucleuosis

My poems corroding bones like osteoporosis
My orchestration causing transmutation in the Earth's rotation
Now adjacent nations mirror my vocabulation

like a tessellation, with no procrastination bash your face in
Injectin leukemia through your skeleton
You peons, I rip for eons, beyond your grasping

My blades are hacking through your skull
Pull them out measure calcium graftings
Clash in consortiums like accordians

Euphoriously speakin in chant, like the Gregorian Monk
Valedictorian, sellin vocal chords in my anatomy emporium
The heart and brain I'm storin 'em

Orpheum sub-zero refrigeration and I'm waitin 'em
For two milleniums, I emerge from hibernation
Take your offspring, resection vitals and replace them
Make them my reincarnations, hunt for your relations
and your bloodline, openly crushing castrations

My elocution's executin future generations

[Kool Keith scratched x2: "Be alert!"]
[Kool Keith scratched x2: "Be alert!"]

[Kool Keith scratched x2: "Be alert!"]
[Kool Keith scratched x2: "Be alert!"]

[Kool Keith scratched x2: "Be alert!"]
[Kool Keith scratched x2: "Be alert!"]

["Duck!" scratched to the end]

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