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77S : Sevens lyrics

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77S lyrics : "Sevens"

Did you know my eyes were blue?
The day we met my heart was too
Now you say the color's changed

You're staring down a darker shade
of the man you knew

He painted on your shoulder blade
A love declared, a cheap display
scarred for life, your choice is always made.

A paradise is what you throw away, throw away...

Seven come eleven, roll me baby

Blind faith in the call you'll make
If I play pokerface and walk away
You'll throw sevens

Underneath the sea of love
We always set our sails above

You knew not to push until I shoved
Hard enough to feel the tidal wave

I was there to see that you were safe
From every little storm that ever raged
Now we're drowning and there's nothing left to save

Can you see me?
Tossing my love overboard and I'm blown away...


Here's your lucky day, you got all you wanted from me

Roll another bone for your history

You don't know what you're doing

You don't know at all
Burning down your love like a cigarette
You burn it down 'til there's nothing left.

You don't know what you'll ruin
You don't know at all
You can't bet on your love like a winning hand

Suck it up 'til the money's all gone.
You don't know what your running
Your game is gonna fall

Throwing down your love 'til there's nothing left...
There's nothing left....

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