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77S : Falling Down A Hole lyrics

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77S lyrics : "Falling Down A Hole"

Gives me a headache
Edgar Mitchell

Is stretching his brainwaves
Buddha and Mohammed
Are still lying from their graves

Eat the candy

Wear the blinders
What's it matter, anyway?


Got a feeling

Like you're falling down a hole

Fence riders

You're running out of time
Start towing the line

Sister Carter
Make up your mind

Is a tired old line
The logos is sleeping

Just give it some time
Evolution is preaching
"From monkey to divine"

Angels on $$#ignment
Spiritual Misalignment

No true deliverance
Pray for forgiveness
Chains and bonds

Holistic movement
Occultic solvents

Psychic sensation
Babble on

It's mystery babylon

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