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702 : You'll Just Never Know lyrics

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702 lyrics : "You'll Just Never Know"

I bet you never imagined,
That one day you'd look around,

And I just wouldn't be there.
So I hear you're leaving,
Please, don't go.

I wanna make it right,
'Cuz tomorrow is not promised,
You never know what tomorrow holds.

You just never know,
Don't put it off till tomorrow today,
Make it last always.

[Verse One:]
My pride, my destiny,

I find a peace of mind when you're next to me.
You changed my darkest hour with the gleam from your eye,
Simply smile or a wink makes my life complete

So what's the use in fussing, fighting,
When if you ever leave me I would be so weak
Oh baby please understand when I go to sleep at night

I wanna know that everything is alright.
You never know.

You just never know,
To put it off 'til tomorrow today,

We could last forever,
Forever and always.
You just never know,

To put it off 'til tomorrow today,
We could last forever and ever,
Forever, forever and always.

[Verse Two:]
And I'm making sure that every time you're around me,

You're re-creating sweet brand-new memories.
Can't let these silly changes aggravate the love in me,
Just for a moment you can concentrate on me.

Through slow dancing in parking lots,
Through hugs and kisses in the restaurant.
Oh baby you can't let the sun go down before you let me know,

You're loving me,
'Cuz you never know.

[Repeat Chorus]


I can't imagine one day without you,
Don't ever let it cross your mind whatever you do.
Nothing else really matters to me,

I'm gonna keep loving you every minute.

[Musical Interlude]

[Repeat Chorus to fade]

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