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702 : Steelo - Remix lyrics

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702 lyrics : "Steelo - Remix"

Say 7, say 702.
[repeat x3]

[Verse One:]
Boy you're so fine(so fine),
And dat's no doubt(no doubt),

When it comes to good taste,
I know what I'm talking about.
I dig your style(style style),

I dig your style,
The way you flow(flow flow),
The way you flow.

It's like I,
I think I dig your steelo.

I know that I like the way you move,
I dig the way you flow.

I like the way way you move,
I like your steelo.

[Verse Two:]
I've been thinking about you,
All the time it's 24/7, your on my mind,

Can I get your name.
Boy it's your steelo,
That drives me all wild.

[Repeat Chorus]

[Rap by Missy:]
Ha ha, one two one two anybody,
Wanna, wanna, wanna follow me.

[repeat x3]
MC's wanna copy me,
'Cause they dig the way I hee hee hee,

They wanna scream when I hee hee ha,
I hit 'em with the hee hee.
702, them fools be a follow by crew,

One two come follow me,
I hit 'em with the hee hee.

[Repeat Chorus]

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