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702 : Not Gonna lyrics

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702 lyrics : "Not Gonna"

I've got to find me a new guy.
Uh, supa fly,

Orish, 702, hot, come on.

[Verse One:]

Oh why, oh why so stupid of me,
To take you back so easily.
I'm going, going out of my mind,

To take you back a second time.


Why must you put me through,
So much heartache and pain?
Tell me am I insane,

To let you do me this way?


I'm not gonna take you back,
'Cuz boy I don't play that.
No matter what you say,

You treat love like a game.

[Verse Two:]
Oh no, oh no how dumb could I be,
To think that you loved me (how naive).

These lies all the time,
I should have known you weren't mine.

[Repeat Bridge & Chorus]

[Verse Three:]

Oh no, oh no where did you go?
Why did you leave me all alone?
You're spending most of your time,

With other tricks on your mind.


I've got to find a new guy,
See I need a new guy (can't put up with your lies).
[Repeat] Look what you've done to me,

You broke my heart.
You put a burden on me,
I feel so torn apart.


[Repeat Chorus to fade]

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