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702 : Feelings lyrics

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702 lyrics : "Feelings"

Something about you
I can't live without you
Want u to be with me-yeah

Got me loosing control
And I can't let u go
Here is where u need to be-yeah

Feeling your energy
And it's killing me

My baby I like your steeze
You be moving me
Soo drastically

I'll do anything u please

Only you on my mind

And it's hard to define
What makes me into u
Just like Venus and Mars

We were written in the stars
Thinkin' we should continue

Maybe I should just face it
Cause boy I can't take it
This can't be circumstance

I'm in disbelief so many feelings
And love deserves a chance

Nothing but these funny funny

Everything about u is appealing
Nothing but these funny

Feelings- Amazing
Infatuation got me doing strange things

We should think about forever
Maybe- nothing but these funny funny
Feelings- feelings

From the limp in ya walk
And the slang in ya talk

Just your style over all is sweet-yeah
From your head to your feet
Kissing u makes me weak

You make me wanna be sneaky

With your sexy eyes

That I can't deny
Got me hypnotized soo deep-yeah
You're me type of guy

Hittin' u gets me high
Single love affair with me

I just wanna be
Your only Queen
On the thrown of enternity-yeah

Cause our chemistry
Is amazing me
Overall a growing seed

I can't run from my heart
You were mine from the start

Just to deal I'll let you breath
Whatever you're just my type
and I Gotta be your wife

Cause I need you in my life

[hook repeat until fade]

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