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702 : Don't Go Breaking My Heart lyrics

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702 lyrics : "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"

[Verse One:]
So many nights, I felt your beating heart,
As we went deep in the dark,

I watched you sleeping tight,
Protect you from the light,
As if you were a child,

And put a kiss on your lips.


Don't you go breaking my heart,
Stay for awhile, I'll make it alright.
'Cuz if you go breaking my heart,

I won't survive, so stay for tonight.

[Verse Two:]

This can't be right,
'Cuz each and everytime I look deep in your eyes,
I see the shining stars.

Beautiful works of art,
Still we just never part,
Let's talk it through you and I, here tonight.

[Repeat Chorus]

Is there something that I should have done?
Tell me where did I go wrong?

Is there something that I could have said,
To make you stay, around my way?

[Repeat Chorus to fade]

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