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702 : Come & Knock On My Door lyrics

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702 lyrics : "Come & Knock On My Door"

I anticipate- you told me that you wouldn't be late
Boy here I wait

Got the candles lit so boy don't you hesitate
Prepare to be amazed
I'll bend to every move that you make

You can have it your way
I got the wine on ice
Cause I'm sure we'll be up late

You got me buggin-buggin

For you I'm always open
More kisses and more huggin
Lovin' everything you do to me

No matter what the time is
You are always invited
On me; I'll never fight it

Don't take me wrong
Just wanna turn you on

Come and knock on my door
I've been waiting on you

Cause your love is on time
Can't get enough of you
Can't be faking what's real

I'll just tell you what true


Come as fast as you can
I want everything to go as planned
Cause tonight you're gonna win

Ready to give in - cause you're not that average man
It's been a long time since
I let my guards down and let you in

It was you that I missed
Lets cut right to the chase
And come handle it

[HOOK repeat]

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