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7 Profitz lyrics : "Underwarz"

It's Like A War
It's Like A War Outside
It's Like we're Fighting

It's Like we're Fighting for Freedom

Verse One:

Its like a war outside when I'm hitting the streets
It's like a war against the government when I'm hitting
the beats

Cops walking a beat from ATL to Flint Michigan
Actually enforcing a saggy pant ban
So I come as a freedom fighter fighting for impropriety

At least that's what they consider it in our Society
What next I expect the outlawing of trials?
stop going after me, lock up rapists and pedophiles!

Giving power to the people there's strength in the masses
The lower the middle it doesn't matter what your class is
Constitution revolution, Nah, It's searches and seizures

Unlawful interrogation we can't walk the streets in leisure
Cops searching our pockets write our government's in dockets
Launching spy satellites, with launchpads in they rockets

Now it's the clothing that we wear so they tapping our phone
One last thing to say leave our Liberty's alone



I declare war, I don't really think you know what I'm sayin?
Underwarz,Underwarz. Under, Under, Under, Underwarz

Verse 2:
Pop the question to a politician, freedom is what?
A made up word like Unicorn?

Why is it wrong, to test the limits of freedom of speech
When it's Unity we seek
Are we limited to terrorism on television?

Or legislative indecision? my inquisition and my mission
isn't resistance it's persistence of showing you what's wrong
Laws being passed on how I'm wearing my pants,

Now that a blast from the past, like segregation
In my generation, music and fashion is our stronghold
But still they pass a bill for real,

My pants saggy can cause a jail sentence,
Are you starting to get the message
Are you starting to get this message.

Verse 3:
Government taking our liberty's away

Re-writing constitution meant for today
The justice of reality is left up to you and me
arresting individuals and taking our dignity

Conspired highed truths we're living in a cage
If I can't be free to wear I must be a slave
In debt is treason, there's no rhyme or reason

to this ban on my pants, and I'm lifting up a stand
Underwarz here's our chance

I declare war, I don't really think you know what I;m sayin?

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