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7 Days Away : Wisdom Calls lyrics

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7 Days Away lyrics : "Wisdom Calls"

Wisdom Calls Aloud In The Streets
Hear Her Raising Her Voice In The Squares
How Long Will You Simple Ones

Love Your Evil Ways

Turn Around And Listen To My Rebuke

And I Will Pour Out My Spirit On You
Turn Around And Listen To My Rebuke
And I Will Let You Hear My Words

As The Moon Turns To Blood
So Many Will Understand

As The Seals Are Breaking One By One
Hear My Words - Hear The Wisdom Call

For You Wouldn't Hear When I Cried
And You Didn't React When I Reached Out My Hand To You
As You Let My Advice Drain Away

And You Didn't Accept My Rebuke

Therefore Shall I Smile When Your Day Has Come

And Despise You When Things That You Fear Are Near
When Your Fear Comes Like A Storm
There Will Be Anguish And Pain

Then They Will Call To Me But I Shall Not Answer
They Will Look For Me But Nothing Will Be Found

Since They Hated Knowledge And Did Not Choose To Fear The Lord
They Would Not Accept My Advice And Spurred My Rebuke

They Will Eat The Fruit Of Their Ways
And Be Filled With The Wine Of Their Schemes
But The One Who Listens To Me

He Will Live In Security

And Be Sheltered Against The Curse Of Death

Wisdom Calling Me

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