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666 lyrics : "The Day Before Final Death"

I've brought the time.
When hell breaks forth to the earth.
The destruction has started.

My hatred is taking it's victims like an epidemic.
I tear off the serpents head.
Which drops it's tail from it's mouth.

There is no disgusting life anymore.
Only the long awaited death.
I bath my body in human blood.

So the damned goat shall help my way.
Bodies wriggling from torment
Are trying to get away from my revenge.

While my glowing sword's burning signs on their body.
Women vomiting blood are screaming.
Begging for god.

No mercy.
It is the end of humanity.
From the ashes of churches,

Corpses are crawling out.
Their sharp hunger gives them power.
Death covers everything.

Takes my soul away.
The sun has finally extinguished.
And the existence is fading.

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