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666 lyrics : "Die All"

You're searching the darkness with opened eyes
It's cold and silence
Trapped in a narrow hole

With no escape
You realise
You were buried alive

Fear's tearing your soul apart
Death will reach you
You know terrible torment is waiting for you

The oxygen is lessen
You're searching the walls of your coffin
The end rathes up with you screaming, crying, cowardly

This is what you must feel
All of you must die
You're hanging tied up on the top of a !@$)got

You're sweating
The hell of the end is ringing
Growing smoke surrounds you

Hot blazes are licking your disparting flesh
Higher and higher
Until your whole body is consumed

This is what you must feel
All of you must die
You're laying thonged on the table

Hear the sound of a blade scratching stone
Suddenly the cold metal cuts it's may on your back
Leaving pain and destruction behind

Cut after cut which converge
A break for a moment...
You are begging for a fast death

Then you feel your skin is peeling off your flesh
This feeling is unbreakable

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