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5BUGS : Automatic lyrics

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5BUGS lyrics : "Automatic"

What you need is called a simple life,
Without anything that burdens you at all!
Could it be, you're living in denial?

Seperated, waiting desperately for the fall?
No chance to be what you wanted me to be.
I'm just fine! there's always summer in

My mind.

I can't explain it.

This life is automatic.
Our hearts commit to rock and roll.
So, stop complaining!

You're acting so pathetic!
It's good to be out of control!

It's never to late to get back in line.
I hear them say: "if not, you'll never get it right!"
Otherwise, we are so well defined.

There's no space for our own freedom in our minds.
Keep it up! sing along!
We're united through this song.

Keep it up: feeling strong!
Feel that you are not alone!
Set it off! get it on!

Repeat it all, one by one!
Screaming it all together,
All night long. keep it up.

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