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50-50 TWIN lyrics : "Turmoil"

Dear Lord, I thank you for this day
I thank you, for everything in it Heavenly Father

Dear Lord, I thank you for your grace and your mercy
I thank you for your word, cause it gives me guidance
I thank you for blessing me, with food to eat

When i don't have anything to eat
I thank you for blessing me, with a place to stay Heavenly Father
I lift you up right now dear Lord, your son Jesus name I pray Amen

[50/50 Twin:]
Me and my twin stood together, then came the crash

I got called, saying the judge gave him 45 agg'd
That day, the dead were more alive than me
You bring me down crying, don't come trying to cry to me

Can't nobody feel me, unless they been down this road
That lead to a mine field, where your mind explode
Thinking we would never separate, just like those two buildings

Now his daughter plus my daughter, that gives me two children
I thank you, for the test Lord
I do have faith, but I admit the test hard

At age 44 you come up for parole, that's in the judge book
Now let my story be told, behold what they don't know
At age 22, the Lord gon do

A modern day miracle
God gave me the talent to be way lyrical, man I gotta get him out
I'ma pray till I do, believe in God I'm telling you

[Hook: x2]
Lord when you call, I'm ready

All this chaos, is a sign from heaven
We need to learn, to count our blessings
These are the last days, that's all I'm stressing

[50/50 Twin:]
Coming from the club, getting into some beef with the Sawf

I think it all sparked off, because I'm from the Nawf
After riding ten minutes, I'm on my side of town
Sleep in the seat, on side where the driver be found

I heard em mention at the club, I got bottles thrown at me
Screw too some 2Pac %#@!, they was trying to do 50
Now I'm on my stomping ground, mad but safe

Wait they followed the whole time, they just kept they space
All of a sudden a blue beamer, pulled up slow
Cracked the tint fairly low, so the barrel could show

They let the team type bullets, dove in splashing
On my side of the ride, these boys trying to get at me
After unloading they sped off, my car start swerving

A L-Dog blew at the jersey, on Michael Irving
I'm bleeding from the chin, but i felt alright
In fact I felt like Jesus Christ, spare my life what

[Hook x2]

[50/50 Twin:]
Biggie, 2Pac, Aaliyah, Left Eye Lopez
Shyne got ten years, for trying to cover another man head

R. Kelly need to pray, Scarface harassed by the FED's
Suge Knight keep getting arrested, cause his favorite color red
50 Cent got shot nine times, God spared his life

Some rappers real with life stories, some rap about hype
On my block, a thirteen year old girl was doing crack
I wanted to call CPS, but I let God handle that

December 31 11:59, I'm at church
Getting high for New Years, weed no longer works
It seems like this world wrapped up, in money cash clothes

My youth, everything ain't real that be in them videos
If you see me by myself, but my lips are moving
That mean I'm praying to God, knowing he will heal and sooth me

Re-revelations, it talk about today
People like George Bush, won't let the devils work the K

[Hook x2]

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