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50-50 TWIN lyrics : "The Takeover"

(feat. Lil O)


Yeah, Big Ballin' Texas stand up
My ^!$$% 50/50 Twin, done went and got a real ^!$$% for this one
I don't need no introduction

[Lil' O:]
When you see the red Lac, when you see the 84's

When you see the pop trunk, when you see the neon glow
When you see the piece and chain, looking like yellow snow
Lemonhead in the watch, call lemon glow

When you see a young ^!$$% spitting off, let him flow
Game face on, like I'm still selling blow
Who else could it be, but that boy Lil' O

Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze, 89 double O
That's Braeswood block, grab your glock
Let that (*##$, go buck-buck-ba

If you in a truck, or in your drop
Turn this %#@! up, let it knock
Me and 50/50 Twin, you know that means we fin to win

Grinding for them Benjamins, real ^!$$%z go tell your friends
Let them know the real is back, tell em that the trill is back
^!$$% how you feel bout that, (*##$ we pop the seals and Lacs

Texas boys Texas toys, Screw banging Texas noise
Big thick Texas broads, giving ^!$$%z Texas joy whoa

Hey, hey, hey, 50/50

[50/50 Twin:]
Lil' O and 50, you know what this is
Leak out the real, whole world gon to feel

Sip a lil' lean, take a puff of the kill
On no steal, swimming in mills
You don't got tell me to

The ice on my neck blue, I'm already chill
Mean mug, keep a gangsta grill
Kay Slay now go run city if your friends is trill

Me I wreck, I rip I tip
On 4's do's go up, on that whip
Stay with a grip, can't afford to slip

Straight shoot to Jamaica, watch me jump ship
R.I.P. to Pill, real ^!$$%z stay still
Roll up on them swangs, as I swang off a cliff

A mob boss, I don't really like rims
When it come to these hoes, my hoes are pimps
I'm gorgeous George, I'm charge in charge

My confidence, too high for these $#&@s
Toss Moet cups, or Ferosh and such
Guarding these, wear invisble cuts

Half of these ^!$$%z out here, dumb kluts
From North to the South, real ^!$$%z stack bucks
Half of these ^!$$%z, out here dumb kluts

Lil' O real ^!$$%, say keep in touch hey

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